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Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Please don't go by the title. Here I am going to pen some good sporting rivalries and these are comparable to a pot boiler. I am starting with tennis and although I have not witnessed probably the greatest of all - Borg V McEnroe, but I have been fortunate enough to watch Becker and Edberg. Becker won it first time in 1985 when no one expected him and again in 1986 when I guess, not too many again expected him, that too against Lendl. Come 88 and Edberg won a five setter. I was/am a fan of both and imagine my problem when two of my favourites are playing against each other and only one can win. I remember when Ivanisevic started his career around late 80, early 90 and Edberg lost a match in wimbledon without losing a game on his serve (7-6, 7-6, 7-6). Atleast Roddick can derive some consolation from the fact that he has lost one game, but that was the one which mattered most.
In Recent times, Federer V Nadal has been also made of exciting stuff, but Federer has got to do some catching up as far as their head to head record is concerned. Imagine 80, 81, 2009 finals are played side by side, which one would you watch?
For me, it will be 81. What's your take?

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