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Saturday, 18 July 2009

As always, my prediction goes wrong. But I dare again...

I have been made to eat my words again. England has done very well in their bowling attempt. A colleague of mine, Brian has indicated yesterday that england never play second day well at Lord's and that is what which has exactly happened.
Good bowling by England lads, and probably this could be a fitting farewell to Andrew Flintoff and another down to earth experience for Mr. Integrity, if Ashes is regained by English side. But my concerns are elsewhere and cleary on India's chances on World cup 2011. Looks to me that this famed (sans RD,ST) batting line up was not a match for chin bowling. Let's see what happens, but it does seem to me that Mr. Dhoni's honeymoon is over. Not that I don't like him, but greater challenges lie ahead of him. After all, he is from the same town where I have done my studies.

Well, I am making another observation, ST will definitely a part of Indian team for next world cup. It will be another matter that they will not win it. I will be too happy if I am proved wrong. Chuckle...

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