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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Sholay - An epic

As Mahabharat is the grandest of the literary work available in India, same can be said of Sholay in reference to Hindi movies. This will not be an overstatement if I say that this movie is equivalent to the Mahabharat of hindi movies. All characters have their impact and no matter, how small a role one character has played, the significance is not lost. There are followers of this film from all walks of life and even after three decades of release, the fan following is still there. Dialogues such as "Kitne aadmi the?", still revive good memories.
The characters have become household names and their are interesting questions about this movie, which you can find creeping up in any conversation related to this movie. e.g. What was the name of Gabbar Singh's father. Though there was no presence of this character in the movie, but still he has got his own relevance to the fans of this movie. More later....

If you do not know the answer to the question posed above, ping me through comments.

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