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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Netarhat - Antyakshari Pratiyogita

Every year, in Netarhat school, hindi Antyakshari competition is organized and this competition show cases the best literary works of renowned hindi poets. All kind of poems of Shringar ras, Bhakti ras, Veer ras, etc. are recited during these competitions creating a lively atmosphere. This event becomes very enjoyable and we students, always looked up and eagerly waited for these events.
Some of the famous songs which I can remember are:

1. Madhushala - Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan.
2. Rashmirathi - Dinkar.
3. Urvashi - Nirala.
4. Kabir ke dohe.

and many more. The list is long and I will be adding to the list slowly and surely. One thing I would like to say that the overall presentation has always been of top quality. Perhaps this event is one of the reason why a Hatian is well informed about Hindi Sahitya.

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  1. main kanad ashram me tha.aur main 2001-2005 tak wahan tha. aur yah jankar achha laga ki aapne mere sujhavon par dhyan diya....


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