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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Greatest comeback in Test Cricket

This is perhaps the only series in the history of test cricket, when a team trailing by 0-2 went on to win the series by 3-2. Australians emerged as winners, and their captain, Don Bradman was under considerable pressure when Aussies were trailing by 0-2, owing to his batting and captaincy. But what a remarkable comeback it was, and the word "great" would have been the more appropriate word used instead of "remarkable", had the series had been played in recent years. But this series was played few decades ago and Bradman became the greatest gambler of all time, I dare say.

In the third test, the pitch was very treacherous which prompted english captain to declare even they were in deficit. Bradman did not have this choice of not batting, but he did have a choice about deciding the batting order, and he inverted the batting order. Australia were again 90 odd for 5 and then went on to score some 550 odd runs (Bradman - 270). Australia won the test match, and later on, the series and it will not be an overstatement to say that this was "the greatest comeback" in history of cricket.

Details of the match can be found on cricinfo.

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