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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

5.1 Collect Requirements

Planning, Scope Management

Defining and documenting stakeholder needs. Requirements include quantified and documented needs and expectations of the sponsor, customer and other stakeholders. Requirements become the basis of WBS, Cost, Schedule and Quality Planning.


Project Charter – Output from 4.1

Stakeholder Register – Output from 10.1

Tools and Techniques

Interviews – Direct with stakeholders/ subject matter experts.

Focus Groups – prequalified stakeholders and subject matter experts with help of trained moderator.

Facilitated Workshops –

JAD – Joint Application Development

QFD – Quality Function Deployment (product development) using VOC – voice of customer.

Group Creativity Techniques

- Brainstrorming

- Nominal Group Technique – Brainstorming with voting process.

- The Delphi Technique – Questionnaires from Experts to facilitator, anonymity

- Idea/ Mind Mapping – Ideas from brainstorming consolidated to a map. Looks like several trees are generated from a core word.

- Affinity Diagram - ideas sorted into groups. Helps in identifying additional scope/ risks, not identified earlier.

- Questionnaire’s and Surveys – not in PMBOK

- Observation

- Prototypes

Group Decision Making Techniques

- Unanimity

- Majority

- Plurality – largest block and majority not achieved aka single largest party.

- Dictatoship

Questionnaires and Surveys




Requirements Documentation

Requirements Management Plan

Requirements Traceability Matrix

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