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Friday, 16 April 2010

5.5 Control Scope

Monitoring and Controlling, Scope Management

Monitoring the status of the project and product scope and managing changes to the scope baseline. This ensures that all the changes and corrective/ preventive actions are processed through the Perform Integrated Change Control process.


· Project Management Plan

- Scope Baseline

For comparing if a change, corrective or preventive action is required.

- Scope Management Plan

For controlling and managing scope.

- Change Management Plan – For managing change.

- Configuration Management Plan – defines the items which are configurable, those items which require formal change control and the process of controlling these items.

· Work Performance Information

Information on project’s progress, status of deliverables, if they are started, on progress or finished.

· Requirements Documentation

· Requirements Traceability Matrix

· OPAs

Tools and Techniques:

· Variance Analysis

Used to assess the magnitude of variation from original scope baseline. Important aspects of project scope control include determining the cause and variance relative to the scope baseline. Also, deciding whether the corrective or preventive action is required.


· Work Performance Measurements

Measurements of planned v actual technical performance. This information is documented and communicated to stakeholders.

· OPA Updates

Cause of variance

Corrective action taken and reasons

Lessons learned from project scope control.

· Change Requests

· Project Management Plan updates

Scope baseline updates

Other baseline updates

· Project Document updates

Requirements documentation

Requirements traceability matrix

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