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Monday, 4 January 2010

Australia - Losing their aura??

 There is probably not a better site today for me in the world of cricket to watch/follow Australia losing. The reason is not because they have dominated the Cricket arena for best part of the last decade and before, but because of the fact that they possess an attitude which does not showcase any sporting spirit. If they are OK kind of winners at best, they are even the worst losers.

Sometimes they use the word agrression to justify the behavior, but to me, its pure frustration and someone did not include the word humble when the Australian cricket manual was being written. Recent example was Shane Watson. We will probably find other examples of extreme behaviour in world of cricket, but we will definitely struggle to find any Australian to be punished as severely after showing indecent behavior.


So those who are liking this, please turn on their television tomorrow, because there is not a better sight to see those very men being humbled, who pride themselves in the art of mental distegration.

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