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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Unlucky Tendulkar and Hawkeye

Well, it has refreshed the memory of old days (about ten years), when Indian batting revolved around him and once he got out, resistance seemed to be sucked out from Indian Batting line up. Today, when it looked that He might carry India into a position of safety, Mr Harris spoiled it.
I have compiled some reactions to his dismissal. Don't feel good about writing this post. Remembering about Semi final World Cup dismissal to Sanath Jayasuriya. India managed 120 -8 and Tendulkar  made about 66-67.
67.2 Harris to Tendulkar, OUT, 82.9 kph, Harris has struck! What a wicket. And that over the wicket and outside leg stump line has worked again. The little big man of Indian cricket has fallen after a fine hundred. It landed outside leg stump on a length, Tendulkar went for the sweep, the ball turned in, bounced off the thigh pad, went on to the elbow guard and fell on the stumps. Harris can't believe it, he runs around in sheer joy and falls flat on his back on the ground even as the team-mates crowd him. What a moment.

Jerome rubs it in : "where are those harris critics now? "

Jaco du Toit: "I guess I have to apologise to Harris. What do I know?. Just your regular sideline coach it seems.."

Tiaan: "About the whole Harris argument.....all I am saying is...he got lucky with Tendulkar's wicket, Swallow does not make a summer."
Sarang: "Harris is acting like a bowling machine that is pitching the ball in the rough outside the legstump. All 3 wickets he got were because of variable bounce and not due to his contribution. He is not changing line or length."

Tendulkar didn't leave the crease for a while. He couldn't believe the ball had gone behind him to hit the stumps. He shook his head, and shook his head again, stood there for a while in utter disappointment before he slowly trudged off.
cricinfo has introduced a new feature under the name of Hawkeye, but it is different from what you see on telly.

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