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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

India comes on top

India held her nerve register a win in a tense situation where they would have lost nine out of ten times. If I dare say, we have seen India losing from similar situations where Sri Lanka were in. But, this has been a refreshing change in the approach where they managed to stay in. Ironically, we will not often find figures of 88 and 81 of 10 overs treated with respect,but Zaheer Khan and Ashish Nehra have just managed that.
With 9 wickets in hand, Srilanka were the favourites with about 15 overs remaining and 100 runs required, but when it mattered, India held there nerve and came out as winners. Not too long ago, we have seen India losing from a confortable position where Tendulkar wrote an epic when he made 175. We have lost from a winning position, but today, we have managed to pull it off and as they say, it would be apt to say that we snatched victory from jaws of defeat.
I just hope that we continue to retain this spirit of never say die, because we do not lack in skill, but attitude.

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